2009: The Year That Was

Here’s the year round up as I saw, felt. There have been countless news that made headlines but I would shall recall only those which mattered to me or the ones I followed. So here I go in no such order of importance.

  • slumdog millionaireSlumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle won 8 Oscars. Set and filmed in India, the film tells the story of a young man from the slums of Mumbai who appears on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Kaun Banega Crorepati in the Hindi version) and exceeds people’s expectations, thereby arousing the suspicions of the game show host and of law enforcement officials. The film won 93 more awards this year. Personally too I liked the movie but haven’t yet felt the urge to watch it again.
  • A R RahmanA R Rahman, the king of Indian music industry, the legend in making also won 2 Oscars for his music and song ‘Jai Ho’. Personally not my favourite, I love any and all other creations of his.
  • ObamaBarack Obama gets Nobel Peace Prize less than nine months into his eventful presidency, was an unexpected honor that elicited praise and puzzlement around the globe. Normally the prize has been presented, even controversially, for accomplishments. This prize, to a 48-year-old freshman president, for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” Mahatma Gandhi spent his whole life serving for mankind, preaching non-violence and fought for our freedom, did not receive none.
    Here want you to enjoy some tweets which ran on twitter just following the announcement:
  • awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after wishing for World Peace. He narrowly beat out Miss Japan, Miss Brazil & Miss Spain
  • In honor of President Obama, the “Nobel Peace Prize” to be renamed “Failed Olympic Bid Consolation Prize”
  • Why doesn’t everyone just STFU & let President Obama be great!
  • BREAKING NEWS! Obama cures ALL cancers by simply asking them to go away!
  • Swedish Psychics predict President Obama will eventually earn Nobel Peace Prize, so they award it to him early. Dalai Lama kicking his heels.
  • Dear President Obama, make sure you keep an eye out for Kanye when you are accepting your Nobel Peace Prize
  • MJMichael Jackson’s death was a global shock. On June 25, 2009, aged 50, Jackson collapsed at his rented apartment in Los Angeles. Attempts at resuscitating him by his personal physician were unsuccessful and within minutes he was pronounced death. His controversial life brought him miseries and bankruptcy towards the end, in loneliness he sort to drugs and got addicted to painkillers. For me, no musician is greater than him and I am proud to be born in the life and times of him. Yet to watch ‘This Is It’. Have to soon. Want to dedicate one my favourite song to all to end this year.
  • FedererRoger Federer did it. First, he won the elusive French Open beating Robin Soderling and then got his 15th Grand Slam singles title by winning Wimbledon beating Andy Roddick making him the only male tennis player and ranked number one to achieve this glory. Besides he married his long time girlfriend Mirka and also became proud father of twin daughters. So a big congratulations to The Roger Federer..we pray for more and more Grand Slams titles to come your way.
  • TigerTiger woods. Towards the yearend no one could imagine that we would have to hear such a heart breaking news of one of the greatest sportsman ever, world No 1, most successful golfer of all time and not the least the highest paid professional. World came shattering when his wife Elin Nordegren found about his affair with a nightclub manager and the press hasn’t been sparing him eversince then resulting in opening of the pandora box with exposure of around 14 mistresses, losing almost all his sponsors, losing his flawless reputation, and now an impending divorce. I still salute his achievements as I never respected him in first place for his relationship with his wife and others but for his inimitable golfing talents.
  • GoodyJade Goody: Yes I was following her news since she was in Celebrity Big Brother which made headlines she was evicted after being accused of racist bullying against Shilpa Shetty. Goody then as a mark of repentance or apology she entered the Indian version Bigg Boss in 2008 which is where, hell broke on her when her doctor unfolded the news of her cervical cancer and that she was to live only for few months. She died on the Mothers Day leaving her two sons behind. Shilpa kahin vish kanya to nahi..jo use haani pahunchaayega raakh ho jaega..lol Joke tha.
  • attacksViolent attacks on Indian students in Australia: Was a bothering issue which came up this year where atleast 100 attacks were reported, no count on the ones which went unreported. The unrealistic figure certainly forces us to believe that there is a racial angle to all this. Or else, prove it. If not anything else, all this could have serious repercussions on the Australian education industry. Learn from France, they are encouraging more and more Indian students to come over.
  • mumbai terror26/11 first anniversary: Terror attacks on India. Mumbai was the target point just an year ago in 2008. Millions watch the carnage helplessly when serial bomb explosions rocked Mumbai. Explosions mainly carried out at Taj Mahal hotel, CST railway station, Nariman house, left hundreds dead and wounded. First anniversary ran us through the ill-fated day once again and we prayed for hope in peace. The only living suspect Kasab is still undergoing trial and to keep him alive till today took 34 crores have been spent. Dossiers exchanging is all that we saw.
  • KCRAndhra Pradesh division. The demand for Telangana as a state has been since 1964 but it got aggressive when K Chandrasekhar Rao went on hunger strike and Congress decided to give in by showing green signal on the 11th day. This decision was immediately protested all over the country and many more such demands of Gorkhaland, Bundelkhand, Harit Pradesh and so on erupted only to force Govt to immediately take a step backwards and put the matter in a limbo. Such developments reinforces our deduction of such myopic leaders who think haughtily not anticipating the aftermath that could stir in breaking the whatever little solidarity which is remaining of India (if at all).
  • fluSwine flu, a pandemic with its global outbreak has claimed many lives and is still spreading over all and as per prediction it shall engulf almost one-thirds of the world by the coming year. Tommy Hass, Sreesanth, Narendra Modi being prominents to have got infected and cured. Remember to wash your hands profusely like a maniac.
  • ftTwitter and Facebook: This being the landmark year for social networking and micro blogging sites. Mind blowing success. We connected to long lost school friends and we keep a tab on our favourite celebrities’ day to day activities too, so simply. Love it. Shashi Tharoor ‘cattle class’ remarks on twitter created furore. Read here.
  • A whopping figure lingers on my head these days –Rs 126 crore. Amitabh Bachchan fetches that sum for hosting Bigg Boss Season 3. I still think it is a criminal amount to even offer or recieve.
  • Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad and Shah Rukh Khan detained at airport. Both were frisked as they are Muslims and similar names feature in the list of suspects? Huh!
  • 10th board cancelled: Must have been a respite for all the students back home. Lucky you all. Kudos to Education Minister Kapil Sibbal.
  • As for music it was an year for Lady Gaga hands down.
  • Wanted and DevD are my favourite movies of this year. Loved Paa, Wake up Sid too. Jugaad too as was directed by my brother Anand Kumar.
  • Other prominents we lost: Amongst the ones we lost forever are Y S Rajasekhara Reddy Chief Minister of AP died in helicopter crash was the biggest shock followed by heart attacks and suicides all across the state. 500+  is the unbelievable figure of death toll, just as an assessment of his acclaim. We lost Maharani Gayatri Devi, Feroz Khan, Patrick Swayze, David Shephard too. World will miss you all.
  • As I said I have not covered many like Madhu Koda’s laundering money worth over Rs. 4000 crores, Rahul Gandhi’s rising popularity, Katrina Kaifs’ superstardom, PM Manmohan Singh’s second term, cricket, Rakhi Sawant and so on..so pls excuse :p

To sum up will jot a few of mine too. My biggest achievement of the year – gave birth to YASH. Quickly thereafter managed to shed 13 kgs..Yay..few more to go. Ayshani starts going to her play school. We managed to cross past last years’ turnover of our company. Got iphone as a Christmas gift :). Finally did something which was long pending – revived my blog, yes that’s where you are.

On that note let me wish you all a great year ahead. So everyone just rock it.


laundering money worth over Rs. 4000 crores

Secret no more

Something to ponder. Did we ever think of what will happen to all our emails or our accounts in all the social networking sites, once we are DEAD? Well! read quite an informative article today in HT. Read directly here or below.

What happens to your email when you die?

Saving that parting e-mail from your first love in your inbox? Well, chances are, after you pass away, your spouse and the entire family will know about the long held secret.

This is because web email services like Hotmail and Gmail do not let users specify what should happen to their messages when they die.

In fact, email services owned by Internet giants like Google and Microsoft have a policy of keeping your data after you die and letting your next of kin or the executor of your estate access it. These services can hold tens of thousands of messages.

Accounts with Google’s Gmail can hold up to 7GB – or roughly 70,000 emails with a small to medium picture attached to each and they archive the messages you”ve written as well as received.

When it comes to deleting the data, Microsoft’s Hotmail will remove an account if it is inactive for 270 days, while Gmail leaves the responsibility to the next of kin.

Of the top three providers, only Yahoo! refuses to supply emails to anyone after the user has died. The user’s next of kin can ask for the account to be closed, but cannot gain access to it.

A Yahoo! spokesperson said the only exception to this rule would be if the user specified otherwise in their will.

Meanwhile, social-networking site Facebook has recently published a feature called memorialisation that lets the family of deceased users keep their profile page online as a virtual tribute.

MySpace, on the other hand, says it addresses the issue of family access to sensitive data on a case by case basis.

A spokesperson for MySpace could not rule out letting a user’s next of kin log into their profile – potentially giving them access to private messages.

So password protected secrets will no more be, once you are no more. Those who are secretly nurturing secrets, beware, those revelations can only ruin your prospects of respect, after you are gone. Or any untold mysteries unfolding can only cause hurt to your beloved who is already in grief of your loss so spare the additional trauma. Life is unforeseeable, death might just cheat you and straighten out all your cheatings.

As for me I have nothing to hide. All my past, present and future is and will not be a stranger to my husband. In fact he even knows what passwords i use and is free to rummage even when i am alive. 🙂

A tweet gone awry

Twitter: That’s my latest fad exactly as was Facebook an year back. Though I am still loyal to the latter but I see myself going to former first. You get a sense of being served with the first hand news right from the horse’s mouth (Yes you read horse and not cow ;)). Of course, I still read online news but get most of the confirmations right here. Have most of the top journalists, bollywood biggies, tennis stars, and friends on my list. Looking forward to more and more meaningful people joining in as we all need authentic news.

What instigated me to write about Twitter is the latest infamous controversy of Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for External Affairs, Govt of India, tweeting about austerity drive that had reached ridiculous heights. Let me briefly take you to where it began.

KG: @ShashiTharoor Are you flying cattle class to Ghana/Liberia? Hopefully you won’t use VIP lounge where coffee, tea are served free…

ST: @KanchanGupta absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows!

ST:  learned belatedly of fuss over my tweet replying to journo’s query whether i wld travel to Kerala in “cattle class”. His phrase which i rptd.)

KG: Were your words distorted? I don’t think so. You were quoted verbatim.

KG: And frankly I didn’t quite expect you to say, ‘His phrase which i rptd’. Pity you can’t stand up for what you say.

Well! that were some of the conversations that took place though ST replied only once. Now people expect to get explanations in 140 characters, firstly they expect response/replies and when they get one they try to extract hypothetical hidden meanings in it. My take on it is that journalists take liberties of the free press to morally assassinate anyone and everyone cos they know they won’t be held for it. Who is this KG? Some insignificant rattler in Pioneer which doesn’t even have as much number of  readership as many twitter followers ST has and growing.

Really liked the article by Chetan Bhagat on the same Timely tweet: Gimme performance, stop posturing. Brilliant one by Karan Thapar Oh, to be poor. Shobhaa De had another point of view Twitter less, work more, all will be forgiven. She probably isn’t on Twitter and obviously is not following him to know what all he is doing. As i said in my tweet too it’s like saying do not sms, do not grow, do not fall for technology, do not keep pace with the world. All but incidently ST is also a journalist with great sense of humour which landed him into this. Had he not been a politician, all these fellow journalists would have applauded at his great ability for impromptu wit.

Dear Indians, Our country needs intelligent, well educated, modern politicians like him. He at least has the guts to say it all loud of that he is doing. Let me enlighten you a bit that Mr. Governer Schwarzenegger who is also on Twitter even posts pics and videos of what he is doing. Does it mean that he is doodling around in his office? So does Prez. Obama. Well! Whom am I talking to.

So finally what will happen is Mr. Tharoor will get choked by the bureaucratic farce of sorts. I am afraid this episode might just force him to withdraw or definitely cut down on his interactions out here. We certainly hope not. Oh! Will this reflect on his blog too????