Hi, I am Chitra.

Chitra Raj

That's me

Discovered anything called art in me for the first time was when I was six when I scribbled a portrait of my father on a piece of paper  which with great pride he used to carry around in his wallet. After schooling, just couldn’t keep up with my parent’s dreams of becoming a doctor. Ended up graduating in English Hons. As the saying goes ‘Men will do rational thing only after exploring all other alternatives’ goes absolutely right for me. As the last resort I took to my natural talent which was – ART. Joined Shankar’s Academy of Art, New Delhi. That’s my gang.

R to L: Jeevan, Amit, Ajay, Kavita, Aparna, me, Chetna, Preeti and Neeraj

Portraiture was what I was crazy for did that of celebs, only to learn during my art education that portraiture was considered the lowest form of art as it involves only copying and is restricted to just skills and no creativity. So had to get my act together towards creativity so came book illustrations, graphics, print designing, oil painting and web designing.

Began my career as a trainee designer in Business Standard newspaper then Hindustan Times. Set up own online art gallery in 1997, the first of its kind and flunked much sooner. Move to  web designing so joined a startup online company called delhigossip.com then go4i.com both companies could survive so moved to Indian Express Online, worked with them for five years and quit as the Head of it in 2005.

Met Raj in 2005 got married and moved to Germany. Mother of two lovely children now. Thank you God for giving me Ayshani and Yash. And wonderful Raj.


  1. Nice website chitra! way way better than all the previous ones, shows how far you have come… we all have… really like this one 🙂

    And like this section the most :)) touchwood!

    • Thank you..btw design is not mine..its just a template from wordpress..to which i have newly switched to..:p..each single word that you see is definately mine..hehe and the header too..:)

  2. lekho me really happy for you…..God Bless!!!

  3. Nice website Chitra…good thoughts !

  4. Hey citra, really good to see your site…and thanks for the Shankars pic …I wish u all the love and happiness with Yash, Ayshani and Raj..)

    I think soon i must uplaod my site http://www.amitkhosla.in

  5. Hi Chitra,

    I am your colleague from Indian Express I guess you remember. It’s really a nice site. The design, look n feel is quite clean. I like your site. Your work is always a inspiration to all.


  6. Nice website Chitra chechi

  7. Hello,
    I am really happy to go with your web portal.


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